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   I've watched the first video called "Build a school in the Cloud" by a leading authority in this field Sugata Mitra. He covered a lot of ground in the essential question" What future of learning will we have?"
1. It's a common knowledge that schools used the same methods of students' organization in order to make them always crack the books  and be a know-it-all. He take the view that the approach which includes the elements of enforcement isn't the right one. In this case, schools just demonstrate an ability to produce identical people for the most popular occupations. Schools as we know them are obsolete. It means that a well-constructed system can't be used any more.
2. Sugata Mitra snowed considerable initiative in the field of finding the completely new method of learning. It's about the hole in the wall where the computer was located. The experiment was carried out in different countries. It showed the ability to study without attending schools and spending a wide range of time in the auditorium.
3. The key of effective learning is the encouragement. The punishment and examination are seen as threats by our brain.
4. SOLE - self -organized learning environment. Teachers should raise the questions and children shoul find the answers on their own.
   Also, the second video has a great deal of useful information connected with ideas how to be a quick learner and have a thirst for knowledge on a regular basis.
1. Some students can't keep up with their tasks and as a result they fall behind with optional and core subjects. Unfortunately, these students drop out of high school. 
2. A good learner should have a natural desire to study and be motivated. 
3. Also, students have to pass the exams which can be really stiff
4. The school system should encourage people to hit the books. So, the curriculum must be diverse and with lots of additional activities.
  I honestly think, that the government should cut down on the amout of the unnecessary subjects. Students just cram these subject the night before. So, there is no sense in learning it by heart and forget in 2 days. Moreover, students should develop their talents and make a contribution to a future profession. It's not about only the top mark. It's my firm conviction that the enforcement is an obstacle for your education too . Also, students shouldn't burn the midnight oil

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Feelings, emotions, body language

  In different life situations people can show their emotions in a multitude of ways. Facial expression and gestures are the best indicators. But some people prefer bottling up their feelings and being cool, calm, and collected. In contrast to this part of people, others wear their heart on their sleeve and pour the innermost thoughts out
  I can present the picture where people don't suppress their feelings
   Mariana has passed her final exams with flying colors and as a result, she is on cloud nine. She prepared to it a lot and now the girl has a great sense of achievement.This positive event made her day
   She has found out the bad news, so Mariana feels down in the dumps. Her close friend has revealed the unpleasant truth to her and she can' keep a cool head. In addition, the girl has burst into tears after this telephone conversation.
   Uliana is a contented and cheerful person. It seems that she is in high spirits today and her mood is even becoming better because Uliana meets her small friend and of course she strokes this dog.
   Mariana felt sick with worry about her future 10 minutes ago. But at this moment the girl haeve a sigh of relief and she gives a word to keep always her chin up.
   The true friendship can overcome a great deal of difficulties. Nowadays, we are in a state of euphoria, delighted with everything what we have in life and ready to jump for joy.
  Mariana is sick and tired of this constant educational process.She has been hitting the books all the time. As a result she is nervous and anxious. Mariana must bear in mind lots of information. Also, the girl is scared stiff about her future module test.
  I'd like to attach a great video by The Script "Hall of fame". When I watch it, I feel ecstatic and inspired. Two different people's lives are shown. The society wants to shatter the main heroes confidence, but these man and woman don't give up. In particular period they are at the end of their tether. However, they achieve their goal .

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    Word families. Word formation
        The text from Unit 6 "Guilt-free Holidays" has attracted my attention  and  I've chosen it. 

Nowadays, all English learners clearly comprehend the significance of knowing Latin and Greek languages. These ancient languages have a visible influence on the modern conctruction of English.
They are in the close connection. More or less all of students are bilingual. It means that they can recognize Latin or Greek roots if the information is audible or scripted. It's beneficial for us to generate the knowledge about old languages. If students want to be successful in the future, they need to deepen the understanding of the languages of their  forefathers. The constant practice helps to do it automatically, but this process requires a revision of relevant prefixes.If you are aware of the most widespread roots and know precisely the meaning of the prefixes, you will guess the word immediately.It's easy to learn all these parts of the words, but the attentive learner should never postpone the educational process and feeling of underestimating must never be present. There are a wide range of up-to-date devices which make a big contribution to learning. For example, you can preserve the appropriate information in your mobile phone. It's one of the most portable appliances. If desire exists, you can find a great deal of  multitude ways of improving your English learning based on the understanding of the Latin and Greek languages.

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Online tools and resources for vocabulary building
Dear Nina,
 I've decided to drop you a line in order to tell about all appropriate  methods of building your vocabulary nowadays. Saying it, I don't mean doing revision on a regular basis or doing only homework.  All of this approches are effective too, but there is one more thing with which  I'll provide you today. I'm aware of fact that you have got a good head for learning foreign languages. As a result, I have an alternative which help you to  explore different ways of expanding your vocabulary and of course, you'll get a great opportunity to make the most of  it. Now give this unbelievable information a try to reveal you a wide range of modern secrets. Remember, in the future it'll work for you.
 To start with, nowadays you can look any word up in a dictionary at all times and I mean not only paper dictionaries. I'm telling about online ones which are possible to use in any place and at any time.They contains a great deal of the newest words from all human spheres. Just imagine this :) and take it seriously. The up-to-date devices won't take a lot of your free time. Sooner or later you can use this modern tools with remarkable ease.
 Then, be enthusiastic about playing the online games which also help to enhance your vocabulary level and keep a record of a list with unknown words.
 Moreover, don't forget about breaking the complicated tasts down and then deal with these small and manageable chunks.
  Also, I'll show you these methods with pictures which I attach to this letter. I'm sure it'll be helpful for you. Good luck!
  Best wishes,
Firstly, I'd like to demonstrate you my favourite online Cambridge dictionary which includes a lot of various words and their accurate definitions.
There are another good dictionary. It's called Mnemonic dictionary. It contains the short definition, a range of synonyms and a great deal of  sentences with memory aids. This technique helps to remember a word in a flash.
I'd like to emphasize on Urban dictionary. In the modern words this type of dictionary is especially relevant. It shows all information about  brand-new words and phrases.

Let's talk about the second part of modern methods online tool. First and foremost for me is Fraze.it. The peculiarity of this tool is the demonstration of  the unknown words in the context with the possibity to see the source article. The definitions and the synonyms are provided too.
Graph words is online tresaurus which shows the connections between the words and their synonyms.
Lingro gives the opportunity to work out the easiest way due to the fact that the chosen article put in and you can find out the meanings of all words immediately.
My flashcard set in Quizlet https://quizlet.com/_3884zs

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  How to use dictionaries effectively
    Nowadays, a wide range of people don't use the paper dictionaries effectively. They pick and choose the electronic devices instead of the printed books. The young generation do their best to explore different ways of learning new words. Maybe they are not aware of a great deal of advantages which the paper editions contain. Let's make it clear:) First and foremost you should take the choice of the appropriate dictionary seriously. Then you must know the construction of chosen paper edition in details. Remember one significant thing any dictionary won't assist you to build the vocabulary if you use it incorrectly. There are some ways of good learning) 

  • Use a monolingual dictionary as much as you can. It's a part and parcel of an effective educational process. Keep in mind that bilingual version won't help you to perceive English with remarkable ease
  • Also, don't be addicted to your dictionary. Sometimes you can guess the meaning from a context.
  • Try to keep a record of all additional information about words on a regular basic. For instance, which word is appropriate to mention in formal or informal situation.
  • If you can recognize the word in four stages, you'll  definitely know it like the back of your hand. I mean identifying the word when you see it, hear, realize how to say it and fully understand the right definition
  • Look attentively at the entry and extract all possible information about word, which part of speech it reflects, it provides the I.P.A. ( International phonetic alphabet ) or breaks the word down into the  vowel units.
And always remember,  if u wish, you'll make the most of your paper dictionary.
It' a word I always mispronounce and its definition
The first pair of words which I often confuse, their definitions and example sentences ( desert- dessert)

The second pair of words (allusion-illusion)
By using online Oxford English dictionary, I found and chose 3 new words with their definitions.

A quotation about dictionaries)